To Rent on Campus or Off Campus

Note: No units are currently available for rent at this location.

Some random thoughts:

Many students want to rent close to campus for obvious reasons: walk to class, able to go home easily when you have a break from class, lots of restaurants, that’s where your friends are, etc.

Sometimes non students like to live close to campus too so that they can be close to campus activities.  They enjoy the liveliness of the area.

It used to be that apartments on campus were more expensive than those farther away, but I’m not sure that’s true anymore.  Yes, the new ones are more expensive.  And the group houses are more expensive closer to campus.  A house of comparable size off campus will usually be quite a bit cheaper.  But, I think, apartments are about the same and can be found in a range of prices both on and off campus.

Parking is usually free off campus and plentiful.  On campus it’ll cost you if you can find it.

Most of the furnished apartments are on campus.  Even a few blocks from Green and Lincoln you’ll find that most of the apartments are unfurnished.