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Ahhh–roommates. Now that’s a big subject. I won’t try to get too deep here but will just make a few observations.

It is fun to live with your friends, and it can be a great idea to share expenses, but here are some things that I have heard from students.

Sometimes it’s hard to get along–maybe they are messier than you or noisier.  Maybe you need a quiet place to study and they want to party. Just a word to the wise.

Another thing that comes up is money. What are each of you responsible for? Whose name will the utilities, etc. be in.? You could get stuck with the bills.

How is your lease set up? Often each person is responsible for the entire rent. For instance, if one of the people in the apartment does not pay their part, and your landlord cannot collect from that person, he/she will hold you and any other people on the lease responsible.

Some apartments are rented to each person individually, but many are not–which means that all tenants are responsible for all of the rent.