Campus living–Champaign or Urbana

Note: No units are currently available for rent at this location.

There are differences between the two towns even though they are divided physically only by Wright Street. I’m not an expert on this and so have only my opinions to offer, but here’s what I’ve observed.

The Champaign side of campus is more lively; there are more apartment buildings, more bars and more parties. Consequently it is noisier on that side of campus.

The Urbana side of campus is more residential and quieter. There are pretty tree lined streets and there are more houses on that side where faculty live.

There are some apartment complexes, particularly in Urbana that are a little farther from campus–not really within easy walking distance. These complexes often market their units to students and sometimes have transportation. (I don’t really know much about this setup).

But know that there are many apartments and houses both in Champaign and Urbana that are within easy walking distance to campus.